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Immigrate to Slovenia from New Zealand

Immigrate to Slovenia from New Zealand

It is possible to immigrate to Slovenia from New Zealand without a visa, as long as the arrival in this country is for a short stay, which defines a visit with a duration of maximum 90 days. Outside of this, the law on immigration to Slovenia requires New Zealanders to apply for appropriate visa types.

Our Slovenian lawyers can provide information on the latest legal formalities applicable for relocation to this country. Of course, our team can offer the necessary legal support during the visa issuance procedure, regardless of its type (business, family reunification, student, etc.).

How to apply for a long-stay visa in Slovenia

As mentioned above, one can move to Slovenia from New Zealand without a visa only for short-term stays. For long-term stays, visas are mandatory and foreign applicants must apply for a D visa. The D visa can be issued for a variety of purposes, some of which are presented below:

  1. family reunification;
  2. humanitarian reasons;
  3. business;
  4. cultural and/or artistic activities;
  5. diplomatic missions;
  6. study, etc.

New Zealanders have to complete an application form, in which they need to provide details such as: their name, the place of birth, the passport number, the place from where the application is made (usually the procedure is initiated in Canberra, New Zealand). They must also mention the date when the application is made, along with their personal phone number and e-mail address.

In order to successfully relocate to Slovenia from New Zealand, the application should also contain information on the person’s profession or status (student, professor, journalist, business owner, diplomat, employed person, unemployed, etc.).

Are there any visa fees in Slovenia?

Yes, the majority of foreigners who must apply for a visa are also required to pay various visa fees. In certain cases, foreigners can benefit from exemptions on the payment of the visa. Currently, persons who will immigrate to Slovenia from New Zealand have to pay the following:

  • the visa fee of NZD 77;
  • the service fee (NZD 30);
  • the courier fee (NZD 17,50).

What documents are necessary for the Slovenian visa?

Along with the application form that must contain the personal details presented above, applicants must present their original passport and a recent photo. It is also mandatory to have a valid travel insurance recognized in Slovenia that also includes the right to medical treatment in this country.

The insurance must have a minimum value of EUR 30,000, which should cover various medical expenses, emergency medical services, hospital treatment and repatriation expenses. Foreigners who move to Slovenia from New Zealand are also asked to offer evidence on having sufficient financial resources to cover their stay in this country.

The financial requirements vary based on the purpose of arrival and the personal situation of the applicant (relocating alone, relocating with family members, including minor children). Besides these, New Zealanders must also provide evidence on their residency in Slovenia.

Persons who relocate here on a long-term basis usually rent a property. You can always rely on our lawyers in Slovenia for legal representation when signing a rental contract or for real estate due diligence services. Our law firm in Slovenia can assist foreigners in more complex real estate procedures, such as the purchase of a real estate property.

For temporary and long-term relocation, foreigners must obtain a residency permit, issued in accordance with the purpose of the arrival (such as for employment). Our immigration lawyers in Slovenia can offer an in-depth presentation on the employment requirements imposed by the Employment Service of Slovenia.

Our attorneys in Slovenia can help you complete your visa application. And if you plan to relocate here on a permanent basis, we can also provide information on Slovenian citizenship options. Thus, if you want to relocate to Slovenia from New Zealand, do not hesitate to address our team.