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EORI Registration in Slovenia

EORI Registration in Slovenia

EORI is the acronym for Economic Operator Registration Identification, and represents a customs number attributed to each corporate entity handling trading activities within the EU. The European Union introduced this initiative with the specific purpose of helping traders have an easier communication with the customs officials in each country for import and export procedures and documentation. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can present at length the steps for EORI registration in Slovenia

Who needs a Slovenian EORI number in 2024?  

All Slovenian businesses handling import and export activities must have an EORI number and use it as an identifier for trades or movements of goods under a transit procedure within all the EU member states for various types of declarations and documents. EORI numbers for Slovenia start with the letters SI, which is the standard code for this country, and are followed by 12 digit number based on the trader’s VAT number. There are also smaller ‘dummy’ EORI numbers issued for non-VAT registered companies. Branches or divisions don’t qualify for EORI registration in Slovenia.

Besides these types of situations, the EORI number in Slovenia can also be required for entities which are not economic operators. This may be needed if the national legislation of a EU member state stipulates that the registration is mandatory or if the entity develops any activities where the EORI number is required, according to the Annex A and Annex B of the Union Customs Code (UCC)

In specific situations, legal entities may not need an EORI number in Slovenia. This can be applied if the customs declarations are submitted only temporary and if the customs authorities consider that it is not necessary to have an EORI number. However, even in this case, the customs authorities of each member state can establish an yearly threshold regarding the number of customs declarations that can be submitted without having an EORI number in Slovenia

It must also be noted that, starting with 1 February 2024, all economic operators in the EU, including those in Slovenia, have to comply with additional requirements for EORI registration, as per the requirements of the European Commission (EC). The change is not significant, as the registration procedures are maintained as presented in this article, but starting with February 2024, economic operators must provide a valid postcode.

This measure was taken so that authorities can have more accurate information, which will increase the quality of customs procedures. Those who are already registered for EORI must simply provide their postal code.

What documents are required when registering for EORI in Slovenia?

When registering for an EORI number in Slovenia, companies must provide original official documents stating data such as their name, address and date of establishment, type of legal entity, contact information and VAT identification number. Owners of the companies must also sign the following declarations: the declaration acknowledging that they were informed that the publication of EORI number is not compulsory and the declaration that they did not submit a request for EORI registration in another EU member state other that Slovenia.

It is also necessary to sign the declaration that they will inform the Slovenian authorities about any change regarding their personal data as soon as possible. If the application is not signed by the responsible person but by a legal representative, then a letter of authorization for representation is mandatory. Official translation into English of all documents is also required.


What is the procedure for EORI registration in Slovenia?

The responsible person or legal representative of this person must file an application for an EORI number together with all requested documents to the Ministry of Finance. They will receive the assigned EORI number via e-mail of fax stated in the completed form. Our law firm in Slovenia can provide further details and personalized consultancy in this matter.

According to the Financial Administration, operating under the Ministry of Finance, the procedure for EORI registration in Slovenia can be completed if additional documents are provided. In this sense, the institution informs those interested in trading into this country that companies should submit a letter of authorization for representation.   

This document is necessary only in the case in which the application for an EORI number is Slovenia is not signed by the responsible person representing a company, but by a person who has received an authorization to act in the name of the responsible person. It is also necessary to submit the original papers issued by the Company Register in the country where the company is incorporated; our lawyers in Slovenia can provide advice on other regulations available for foreign entities. 

The respective papers can also be issued by the Chamber of Commerce in the respective country. In the situation in which the transport of goods is done by an authorized TIR carnet holder, the legislation stipulates that another registration document that must be submitted is the copy of the TIR carnet and other additional information concerning the TIR carnet holder. These legal requirements are applicable for legal entities that are tax residents of countries outside the EU. 

In the case of those applying for an EORI number in Slovenia, it is necessary to know that the issuance of the code can be done in only 24 hours. However, the duration can increase, but only in the case in which the applicant did not submit all the required documentation. 

What is the law regulating the EORI registration in Slovenia in 2024? 

The basic legislation which regulates the manner in which EORI numbers are issued in Slovenia and other member states is comprised of several rules of law, which were created at the level of the EU and implemented in the national legislation of each member state. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can present the regulations that are applicable to the EORI system

The most important regulations are the following: the Regulation (EU) No. 952/2013 (referring to the implementation of the Union Customs Code), the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/2446 (referring to specific rules of the Union Customs Code), the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 20152447 (referring to rules for the implementation of the Regulation (EU) No. 952/2013) and the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/341, which established transitional rules in the countries where the electronic systems for EORI registration were not yet functional. 

The rules for trading across borders have changed drastically starting with 2021, as the United Kingdom (UK) is no longer a part of the European Union (EU). Thus, if you represent a UK based company interested in importing goods in Slovenia, you might need to apply for an EORI number that is recognized under the EU laws. For Slovenian businesses importing into the UK, the same rule will apply, in the sense that they will need a UK EORI number, that will be used in the relation with the British customs. This rule is applied in 2024 as well. 

Companies that need to have an EORI number must be aware that the EU laws, also applicable in Slovenia, state that all products and goods entering the EU space must be accompanied by an Entry Summary Declaration.

If you want to import goods in 2024 in Slovenia, the law stipulates that the Entry Summary Declaration must be submitted with the customs authorities of the first point of entry. 

Thus, if you will import goods in 2024, you will need to submit the documentation in Slovenia only if Slovenia is the first point of entry. Please mind that this document, which presents details concerning the cargo, must be submitted before the arrival at the point of entry. For goods brought in the EU in 2024 by sea, the submission of papers must be done with minimum 24 hours before. 

What are the statistics on the imports and exports in Slovenia?

Since the EORI number in Slovenia represents an identification number for legal entities and natural persons involved in import-export activities in this country, we have prepared below an updated list regarding the trading volumes registered here. According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the following data is available: 

  • at the level of September 2019, the total level of exports accounted for EUR 2,963.1 million;
  • with regards to the value of the imports, at the level of September 2019, it stood at EUR 2,934.1 million;
  • compared to the level of September 2018, the value of the exports increased by 15.2%;
  • the imports increased by 13.6% (compared to the month of September 2018);
  • from January 2019 to September 2019, the Slovenian exports had a value of EUR 25,108.2 and, compared to the same period of 2018, it increased by 9.6%;
  • from January to September 2019, the value of imports accounted for EUR 25,143.5 million, which marked an increase of 11.8% compared to the period of January-September 2018;
  • the most important trading partner was the EU, accounting for EUR 2,110.1 million from the overall value of the exports;
  • the EU is also the most important trading partner when referring to the import operations, which accounted for EUR 2,143.7 from all the imports.

The EU has remained the most important trading partner in the following years as well. In October 2023, Slovenia’s most important export partners were Germany, Italy, Croatia and Austria.

Those who need further information on the EORI registration in Slovenia can address to our Slovenian law firmOur Slovenian lawyers can provide more details on other rules of law that can apply to the import or the export of goods and can inform businessmen on any other related matter.