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Law Firm in Slovenia

For diferent types of entities, our law firm in Slovenia is able to offer a wide range of legal services, from the incorporation of a company, handling the procedures at the Trade Register, consultancy in Commercial Law, Tax Law, Labor Law, industrial property, to assistance and representation in front of the courts in Slovenia. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can assist investors in drafting the company’s main incorporation documents following the applicable legislation and can advise on a wide range of corporate matters that can be of interest for foreign businessmen.  You can also obtain legal assistance in the case you are interested in immigration to Slovenia

 Quick Facts  
 Legal services offered by our law firm in Slovenia

– assistance for opening a company,

– obtaining permits and licenses,

– litigation,

– debt collection,

– tax advice,

– representation in immigration matters with the Slovenian Ministry of the Interior,

– obtaining work permits from the Employment Service of Slovenia, etc. 

Types of clients our team can serve

Our lawyers in Slovenia can offer their services to foreigners (companies and individuals), but also to Slovenian citizens or temporary/permanent residents. 

 Reasons to choose our team  

– our team has lawyers that can represent clients in any legal issue;

– our lawyers have an extensive experience in their respective fields and they can establish a strategy suitable to each client's case in order to ensure the proper outcome. 

Legal services for company formation in Slovenia

– advice in choosing a legal entity (for example samostojni podjetnik – sole trader, družba z omejeno odgovornostjo – limited liability company),

– selecting the company's name,

– preparing the statutory documents,

– registering the business online with the Slovenian Business Register,

– opening a corporate bank account, etc. 

 Legal services for setting up a representative office 

– preparing the documents that must be presented to the Slovenian notary public,

– applying for a Slovenian tax number,

– renting an office space for the representative office,

– advice on employment matters, etc. 

 Accounting services (yes/no)  Yes 
 Tax advice and assistance (yes/no)  Yes 
 Tax registration services 

Our lawyers in Slovenia can assist both foreign individuals and companies in registering for tax purposes.

The procedure is completed with the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, by submitting the required documents. 

 Common legal services for foreigners 

– legal aid for asylum seekers,

– assistance on obtaining visas, resident permits, citizenship, legal advice and representation on work matters,

– signing contracts,

– renting or buying property in Slovenia

 Assistance in setting up a bank account 

Our lawyers in Slovenia provide this service for individuals and companies. Clients must prepare the required documents, including obtaining the Slovenian tax number (Davcna Tajnost).

Basic taxes for companies in Slovenia

– VAT (standard 22%, reduced 9.5%),

– corporate income tax (19%),

– social security contributions paid by the employer (16.1%)

Basic taxes for individuals in Slovenia

– the personal income tax, charged progressively based on the income at the following rates: 16%, 27%, 34%, 39% and 50%,

– social security contributions 22.1%

When can a foreigner apply for a residence permit?

The Slovenian residence permit can be issued for:

– employment,

– self-employment,

– study,

– training,

– reunification with family members living in Slovenia 

Reasons to invest in Slovenia 

– Slovenia promotes FDI,

– it has a competitive economy,

– it has a geostrategic position,

– it provides low taxes and very good infrastructure, talented workforce, innovation and an export based economy 

 Debt collection services  

– court and out-of-court assistance,

– advice on contracts and other documents,

– representing clients in bankruptcy cases,

– offering legal advice on the law regulating debt collection procedures, etc. 

Immigration to Slovenia is available for all categories of foreigners, EU citizens and third party nationals. The procedure to relocate here will differ for these 2 categories, as EU citizens benefit from very simple rules. Foreigners can arrive here for investments and for the purpose of starting a business, for employment, study, family reunification and for other personal reasons. 

A foreigner can also be entitled to Slovenian citizenship. This right is generally obtained through naturalization, a process through which a foreign national first becomes a permanent resident of this country. One can apply for citizenship by naturalization after a period of 10 years of stay in Slovenia, out of which 5 must be of permanent residency (and continuous stay). 

Residency in Slovenia can be granted on a temporary or permanent basis. The obligation to apply for a residence permit appears in the situation in which a foreigner will stay here for more than 90 days in a period of 180 days. First, the Slovenian authorities will issue a temporary residence permit, which can be renewed. Permanent residency can be obtained, in general, after 5 years of stay. 

How can our lawyers in Slovenia assist on litigation cases? 

Representing our clients in front of the Slovenian courts is the legal field in which we excel, as our law firm in Slovenia have accumulated a large experience in assisting clients in any legal issue, including commercial litigation cases, taxationEmployment Law and intellectual property rights cases.

With an intense activity, our lawyers in Slovenia have established a well defined structure based on a solid and thorough specialized training in the legal field. Following the initial consultationour attorneys in Slovenia will analyze your case and you will be informed from the beginning on the real chances of obtaining your rights and the ways to achieve them by following well-structured legal strategies.

You may find out more details on our law firm in Slovenia from the next presentation:  

How to establish a Slovenian company?  

If you are interested in opening a company in Slovenia, you should first be informed on the legal provisions in this area. Even though the procedure is not complicated, the law may become complicated to those who are not familiar with the applicable provisions. The entire procedure requests time, energy and money and asking for professional advice remains the proper solution in this case. In this sense, you may address to our law firm in Slovenia, as it relies on an experienced lawyer in Slovenia who is able to help you incorporate any type of business by following the exact legal provisions.

Our law firm in Slovenia will provide services for all the phases required for opening a company, from opening the bank account necessary for depositing the initial capital of the future business, to drafting specific company documents, such as the articles of association, necessary for the incorporation of a limited liability company; our lawyer in Slovenia can assist in depositing all the required company documents.


Types of legal entities in Slovenia  

Slovenia offers numerous types of legal entities that are available for foreign investors. As a general rule, most of the local and foreign businessmen prefer to register a limited liability company in Slovenia, which is the most common business form incorporated in this country. Foreign investors may also set up the following types of entities, helped by our lawyer in Slovenia:

  • individual private entrepreneur – this is the simplest way to start a business in Slovenia and it is important to know that there are no minimum share capital requirements;
  • limited liability company – the minimum share capital established for this business form is EUR 7,500;
  • branch office – a foreign company wishing to expand on the Slovenian market may set up a branch office, a type of entity which is dependent to the parent company;
  • subsidiary – the subsidiary of a foreign company will be able to operate on the local market as an independent structure
  • general partnership – the business form can be set up by minimum two investors, who will be liable to the full extent on the company’s debts;
  • limited partnership – in this case, one of the partners (the company has to be registered by at least two partners) will assume limited liability;
  • joint stock company – the company’s share capital has to be divided into stocks and the investors will not be held accountable for the company’s obligations and it is important to know that there are no restrictions regarding the minimum/maximum number of investors that can set up this business structure.  

How to obtain a residence and work permit, helped by our lawyer in Slovenia

Foreign businessmen can obtain a residence permit and a work permit based on the expressed wish to start a company in this country. In order to be eligible for these immigration documents, the foreign businessman will need to provide clear evidence that he/she will be able to invest at least EUR 50,000 in a new local company.

In order to receive the right to relocate here for investment purposes, the sum of money has to be invested in the company’s fixed assets, such as equipment, vehicles, office supplies and others; our lawyers can provide more details on the legal understanding of a fixed asset under the Slovenian legislation

The legislation stipulates that the documents can be issued if the investor will register a new company here, following the standard registration procedure. Only after this is completed, the foreigner is eligible for the issuance of the immigration documents. Making an investment in Slovenia as a foreign businessman will also allow the person to bring in the country close family members. Both the investor and his/her family will be entitled to obtaining the permanent residency in Slovenia, but this can happen only after five years since receiving the temporary residency documents.  

How can we assist you in debt collection in Slovenia? 

Debt collection is another field where lawyer in Slovenia is able to offer complete services. When you encounter problems in collecting debts, count on our Slovenian lawyers work. Our lawyers in Slovenia will guide you to the proper solution in order to recover the debts, by using a solid background in this field, efficient strategies and a good knowledge of the legal framework. We are able to sustain you from the beginning by starting the amiable settlement and, when this measure fails, we can go further by submitting the case before the competent court. We also sustain you in all the further actions, including attachment, seizure and other post-trial activity.

Tax advice and planning in Slovenia

As we know how important the tax compliance for your business is, our law firm in Slovenia is able to take care of any issue in this field, from the VAT registration to fiscal and tax requirementspayroll services and any other financial issue regarding your company’s activity. By working with professionals from other areas, such as accountants, management and financial expertsour law firm in Slovenia will assure your company’s financial well-being by offering services for your regular activity, as well as for new projects you want to get involved in. Please mind that tax obligations can appear for foreigners as well; for in-depth details, you can refer to our immigration lawyers in Slovenia

Has Slovenia signed treaties for the avoidance of double taxation? 

Slovenia is a contracting state in a wide network of treaties for the avoidance of double taxation and foreign investors can benefit from their provisions as long as they are tax residents in one of the partner countries with which the local authorities concluded this type of agreement. Our law firm in Slovenia puts emphasis on the avoidance of double taxation applied in case of foreign investments. In this sense, any foreign entrepreneur may ask our lawyers about the double tax treaties available in Slovenia in order to find out and to apply for the tax benefits provided by these official agreements

How can our lawyers in Slovenia assist with the procedure of company liquidation?  

When you want to close your business in Slovenia you must follow certain steps, as provided by the law, and for this it is better to ask for our lawyers’ advice. Our lawyer in Slovenia is able to conduct this operation to a optimum and harmless result, no matter the reason that led to the liquidation of your company. So, whether the company closes due to the decision taken by the general meeting of the shareholders, the general members of a partnership or after the decision issued by the competent courtour lawyer in Slovenia will help you in this action by finding appropriate solutions and applying the law. 

What are the top economic sectors in Slovenia? 

When starting a business activity in Slovenia, it is important to know the top economic sectors that are available in this country, as they can offer various investment opportunities. For example, it is necessary to know that the top contributor to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) is represented by the services sector, followed by the industrial sector. The services sector, which accounts for 65.8% of the GDP, is also the largest generator of employment opportunitiesOur team of Slovenian lawyers can offer legal advice on opening a company that will operate in this sector, by advising on the specific business licenses that can be requested for its top sub-sectors, represented by information and communication technology, retail companies, commercial services and financial activities

The second most important economic activity in Slovenia, represented by the industrial sector, is highly characterized by business activities that are related to forestry and metallurgical operations. Investors should also know that Slovenia is a great business destination for other sub-sectors of the industrial activity, such as pharmaceutical and chemicals companies. Investors interested in immigration to Slovenia should, thus, verify the conditions for investments offered by these sectors.  

What are the responsibilities of the courts in Slovenia?

The Slovenian Constitutional Court is formed by nine judges, elected by the National Assembly on the proposal of the president of the republic for a period of nine years. The president of the Constitutional Court is elected for a term of three years by the judges. 

The Constitutional Court is, as the name states, the defendant of the Constitution and decides on the conformity of laws, regulations with the Constitution, with ratified treaties or with principles of international lawour team of Slovenian lawyers can provide in-depth information on the main types of activities handled by this court, which generally refer to the following:

  • decides in cases related to the violation of fundamental freedoms and human rights;
  • it rules in jurisdictional disputes between the National Assembly, the president of the republic and the government
  • it can also provide resolutions between the state and local communities and among local communities themselves;
  • it decides on legal matters between courts and other state authorities and it also takes decisions related to the constitutionality of treaties;
  • the Constitutional Court may also have other attributions decided by the law and the Constitution.

How long does litigation in Slovenia take?

The litigation duration depends on many factors, such as the availability of the lawyers and the judges, the possibility of raising an appeal, the acceptance of the initial decision and others legal aspects. If you need further information related to the litigation procedure in Slovenia, please feel free to contact our law firm in SloveniaOur lawyers can also assist with information on the tax compliance procedures available and can provide in-depth legal representation to those who need to register for VAT purposes in Slovenia.

What are the basic rules of law in Slovenia? 

The Slovenian courts system follow the rules and regulations prescribed by the country’s main legal acts. The basic document in this case is the Slovenian Constitution and important rules of law are the following: the Code of Obligations, the Law of Property Code, the Criminal Code, the Civil Procedure Act and others. However, since the country is a member state of the European Union (EU), its national legislation was modified following the EU legislation. 

The rules and regulations imposed by the Slovenian government and other bodies have to be in accordance with the stipulation of the country’s Constitution. It is also mandatory that the national laws to be created in a such a way that they comply with the international principles of law, but also with the treaties signed by the Slovenian authorities with other contracting states and international legal bodies. There are many other international treaties regulating both legal matters for foriegn companies and individuals; for the latter, our immigration lawyers in Slovenia can offer an in-depth presentation. 

Legal acts and rules of law are established in Slovenia by the its bicameral parliament and the National Assembly. The country’s National Assembly is comprised of 90 persons (deputies), as stipulated by the articles of the Constitution. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can provide more information with regards to the manner in which laws are created in this country. 

The Slovenian legal system can also establish decrees, which must be issued by the Government of Slovenia. The country’s Constitution can also be modified through amendments, but this cane be done only through a special procedure, which involves the National Assembly and the Government. The enforcement of international treaties in Slovenia is also concluded based on specific procedures. 

In this case, the treaties can enter into force on the Slovenian territory only after they have been ratified by the National Assembly. With regards to the introduction of specific rules of law prescribed by the European Council, they are directly implemented into the national law. 

Please feel free to contact our Slovenian law firm for more information regarding our services and a personalized consultancy. If you are interested in company formation and legal services in other countries, such as Macedonia, we can put you in touch with our local partners.