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Employee Relocation to Slovenia

Employee Relocation to Slovenia

Employee relocation to Slovenia is possible, being a common practice in international business. However, relocating your personnel can be complex, and it may require legal and administrative assistance from our lawyers in Slovenia. Our team is experienced in Slovenian immigration and labor regulations. We make sure that your employees’ move to Slovenia is in full compliance with local regulations.

Requirements for EU and non-EU employees

EU citizens and citizens of EEA member states do not need a visa or residence permit to enter Slovenia. They only require a valid identity card or passport. This is valuable information for businesses looking for personnel relocation in Slovenia. In this case, the process for entry and residence in Slovenia is straightforward.

However, non-EU citizens need to obtain a single permit for work. This visa allows individuals to stay in Slovenia for an extended period while they work. Administrative units issue single permits, and after approval from the Employment Service of Slovenia. The initial single permit is issued for the duration of the employment or work contract, but it cannot exceed one year. After the initial permit expires, it can be renewed.

Please note that for short-term employee relocation in Slovenia, a seasonal work visa is required. The visa is available for only 90 days. Foreigners who engage in short-term work as representatives of companies in Slovenia for up to 90 days must also register the commencement of their work with the Trade Register. 

Our immigration lawyers in Slovenia can handle your employees’ visa applications for relocation to Slovenia. 

Required documents for work permit

Our attorneys in Slovenia have prepared a list with some of the key documents required for obtaining the work permit:

  • completed application form,
  • passport and passport-sized photos,
  • proof of accommodation in Slovenia,
  • employment letter,
  • criminal background check,
  • proof of payment fee for visa, etc.

This permit allows non-EU personnel to relocate to Slovenia and legally work there. The required documents are important in the context of immigrating to Slovenia for work reasons. Our team can prepare them for you.

Tax obligations 

Understanding tax aspects is essential for employee relocation in Slovenia as it ensures compliance with tax regulations. Our attorneys in Slovenia will provide more details about the taxes you or your employees might be entitled to pay:

  • Personal income tax: Its rates are progressive based on income levels (16%, 27%, 34%, 39% and 50%);
  • Social Security Contributions: Both employers and employees are required to contribute to the Social Security fund (16.1% for employer; 22.1% for employee).

There is no payroll tax in Slovenia, as it was abolished in 2009. 

Our law firm in Slovenia also offers accounting services, through our partners, to help you stay compliant with Slovenia’s tax laws.

Statistics about Slovenian immigration

If you are interested in learning more about immigration in Slovenia and its characteristics, here are some statistics from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) for 2021:

  • The total number of immigrants in Slovenia was 23,624;
  • The top countries of origin of the immigrants were Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia;
  • The net migration in Slovenia continues to be positive, accounting for 2,480 people.
  • Germany and Austria were the previous countries of residence for immigrants who acquired Slovenian citizenship, for the most part.

These statistics show that Slovenia is a relatively attractive destination for immigrants, particularly those from neighboring countries. 

Please contact us if you are looking for more details about employee relocation in Slovenia and about other immigration issues, such as residency in Slovenia.