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Obtain Special Permits and Licenses in Slovenia

Obtain Special Permits and Licenses in Slovenia

Companies operating in Slovenia are required, under the applicable legislation, to obtain special permits and licenses for their commercial activities. At the same time, the business licenses are also issued for the location in which the company carries out a part or all its activities. The licenses will attest that the respective building or office meets the local standards for safety, hygiene and others. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer legal assistance for the issuance of special permits and licenses, depending on the characteristics of the company. 

Safety and hygiene in the workplace in Slovenia  

Regardless of the business activity carried out by a company in Slovenia, the employers are obligated, under the regulations of the Health and Safety at Work Act, to provide a safe environment for the company’s employees. This is applicable to all types of companies, regardless of the location in which the business activity is carried out. The Act was completed under the requirements of the Council Directive 89/391/EEC and our team of attorneys in Slovenia can offer more details on this subject. 

According to the Article 19 of the Act, the employer is legally required to appoint a safety officer who will implement safety tasks, while the health measures will be verified by a medical representative

It is also compulsory to establish fire safety and evacuation measures and to perform regular trainings with the employees

Building permits in Slovenia  

Companies operating in the real estate field in Slovenia will need to obtain building permits during the construction of a residential or business centre. The applicant will need to follow the regulations of the Spatial Planning Act and the Construction Act.  

The company will need to receive a license from the water and sewage provider, a document which will be issued in maximum 30 days since the application form was submitted. The project will need approval from the electrical company. 

Please contact our law firm in Slovenia for further information on the business licenses that can be issued here.