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Immigrate to Slovenia from Australia

Immigrate to Slovenia from Australia

It is possible to immigrate to Slovenia from Australia without applying for a visa if the duration of the visit is of maximum 90 days (known as short-term stay); otherwise, visa formalities must be completed. Slovenia grants the right to arrive here without any visa when the visit is of maximum 90 days for certain foreign nationals, Australian included, and this is why visas aren’t necessary.

In this case, Australians can move to Slovenia from Australia simply by booking their trip and having a valid passport. Those who plan to stay here for a longer period of time are invited to find out more on the legal requirements from our immigration lawyers in Slovenia.

How can Australians apply for a D visa?

A D visa refers to a long-stay visa, which is issued for stays longer than 90 days and which also serves as a residence permit, because residency obligations are in force once a foreign national will relocate to Slovenia from Australia for minimum 91 days.

This visa type is issued for stays of up to 1 year without the possibility of extension, according to the Slovenian Government, which stipulates that the document is available for any third party national that falls under the definition of Article 20, the Foreigners Act. Consequently, foreigners must know that this document can’t be used as a way to get Slovenian citizenship, as for this, permanent residency is required.

Among the conditions to apply for the visa, foreigners must present documents that attest the purpose of stay, which can be anything from reuniting with close family members, business, short-term employment, etc. Our Slovenian lawyers can provide tailored advice in accordance with the reasons of the relocation.

Please know that there is an application fee for this visa (EUR 77), but in the case of Australians who immigrate to Slovenia from Australia and who are the close family members of a Slovene citizen or of an EU national, the visa fee will not be charged. Close family members refer to spouses, children and parents.

Does Slovenia have a Working Holiday program?

Yes, the legislation on immigration to Slovenia provides the possibility to apply for a Working Holiday visa (a D visa type), which is created for young persons who can work and travel in the country of interest. Not all European countries have a Working Holiday program and those that have, have established visa agreements with only few countries.

Australia is one of the countries with which Slovenia has signed an agreement in this sense, therefore Australians can relocate to Slovenia from Australia under this program, under the following conditions:

  • applicants must have an age between 18 and 30 years old;
  • they can receive residency in Slovenia for 1 year;
  • they can work for a period of 6 months for the same Slovenian employer and study for a period of maximum 4 months;
  • have an Australian passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the date of the departure from Slovenia;
  • have a valid travel insurance recognized in Slovenia, with a minimum value of EUR 30,000.

Please know that the program is limited to only 200 visas per year. Unlike other visas that are issued for a long-term period, this visa does not allow Australians to relocate here with their close family members.

It must also be noted that Australians who have already participated in this visa program can’t immigrate to Slovenia from Australia for the 2nd time under the same visa. Considering that there are other conditions to comply with, our law firm in Slovenia remains at your service with in-depth legal assistance.

We invite you to find out in-depth details from our attorneys in Slovenia on the options foreigners have when arriving here for business and/or investment. Our team can also represent foreigners in family reunification cases when they move to Slovenia from Australia. For any other legal issue concerning immigration, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Slovenia.