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Open Holding Company in Slovenia

Open Holding Company in Slovenia

holding company in Slovenia can be registered under one of the legal entities provided by the national legislation applicable in this country. Its main characteristic is that it holds voting rights in other companies. Thus, the holding company has legal rights to decide on the management of those companies, as well as on their investment policies. It can also own various assets, such as real estate or patents of the companies it controlsOur team of lawyers in Slovenia can provide legal assistance for the incorporation of a holding company here.

Legal rights of a holding company in Slovenia  

holding company in Slovenia holds at least 25% of the voting rights of other legal entities. This means that the company will have the right to control 25% of the shares of those companies, which will provide the right to control the management of other entities. A holding company has the statute of a parent companyOur team of attorneys in Slovenia can offer more information on the legal rights and obligations established for this type of company. 

At the same time, it is important to know that a holding company can also obtain this statute through a contract that stipulates the types of transactions that can be completed through the parent company and the companies it controls. 

The following video offers a short presentation on the regulations related to holding companies in Slovenia:

Holding company registered as a societas europaea  

societas europaea (SE) is a new type of legal entity available in the member states of the European Union (EU) which provides a simpler registration procedure, compatible at the level of the Community. That means that the company can relocate in another EU member state without having to dissolve the legal entity and re-register it in the other country. 

A holding company can be registered in Slovenia as a SE, which must be performed according to the 32 Article Regulation 2157/2001/EC

The procedure should be comprised of the establishment plan of the entity, as well as on the Minutes of Assembly, in which the company’s partners provide their consent for the registration of the business form

It also needs to contain a foundation report and an audit on the respective report. The foundation plan must be registered with the local authorities. 

Our law firm in Slovenia can provide more details related to the registration of a holding company