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Immigrate to Slovenia from Canada

Immigrate to Slovenia from Canada

The procedure through which a person can immigrate to Slovenia from Canada will vary based on the purpose of the stay. Here, Canadians will have two basic options – short-term stays in Slovenia and long-term stays, and their purpose can vary from visiting the country, to visiting relatives, employment in Slovenia, business-related activities and others, which are prescribed by the national law. 

Our team of Slovenian lawyers can advise Canadians relocating here, regardless of the purpose of the stay. Foreigners from Canada can receive assistance on the types of visas or permits necessary for each particular case, but also on the procedures imposed by the Slovenian immigration authorities. Our team can advise on how to move to Slovenia.

What are the Slovenian regulations for short-term stays?

Short-term stays in Slovenia are defined as any visits in this country that have a duration of maximum 90 days, regardless of the purpose of the stay. This is due to the fact that Slovenia follows the European Union’s regulations, which stipulate that after a period of stay of more than 90 days, a person will have to start the procedures for obtaining a residence permit, a procedure that can be detailed by our Slovenian law firm. Our team can present the process on how to relocate to Slovenia

With regards to short-term stays, persons who want to immigrate to Slovenia from Canada should also know that different procedures will apply based on the nationality of the foreigner. Thus, the legislation distinguishes between persons who are citizens of the EU, who do not have to comply with any important immigration procedures, and third country nationals, Canadians included.  

In order to relocate to SloveniaCanadians citizens will have to present their valid passport to enter Slovenia, but if they have arrived from other Schengen state, they will not need to provide any other papers, as if they have arrived in another Schengen state, it means that they have received the required immigration papers from that said state. 

Starting with 2022, Canadians benefit from a visa waiver program for short-term stays, under the implementation of a new program, the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), which is expected to reduce the lengthy procedures foreigners have to follow and which will be granted as an online document. Here, Canadians should know the following: 

  • the ETIAS in Slovenia will be available for 60 third country nationals, Canadians included;
  • the application form will be completed in 10 minutes, thus reducing drastically the immigration procedures that are usually completed through a consulate or embassy;
  • the document can be used for multiple entries with a total duration of 90 days in a period of 180 days;
  • the validity of the ETIAS will be of 3 years as long as the applicant’s passport is still valid in the said period of time;
  • according to the European Commission, the application for ETIAS will cost EUR 7 for each applicant. 

What are the requirements for a business visa in Slovenia?

Persons who immigrate to Slovenia from Canada can also arrive here for business purposes. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can present the full procedure a person must follow when applying for a business visa and how to move to Slovenia, but you can find out in the list below some of the basic aspects Canadian businessmen should comply with: 

  • the passport of the Canadian businessman has to be valid with at least 3 months longer than the moment when the departure from Slovenia takes place;
  • the applicant must also submit various medical insurance documents and here, the requirement for insurance coverage has to be of at least CAD 50,000 (or EUR 32,000);
  • documents which attest the person’s Canadian nationality or Canadian residency;
  • completed visa application form and information on the travel details (the itinerary is required);
  • a letter of invitation issued by a businessman in Slovenia or a Slovenian company that invites the Canadian businessman here. 

The visa application procedure in Slovenia 

The visa application for a Canadian citizen or resident will almost always be intermediated by a Slovenian consulate or embassy working in the nearest vicinity of the Canadian applicant. Where a visa is involved, the applicant has to address to the embassy or consulate and follow through the entire procedure applicable to the visa type that is of interest for the person. 

Persons who want to immigrate to Slovenia from Canada have to be aware that they should participate in an interview with the consular officer, through which the visa will be granted. Visas can’t be obtained through mail or courier services. It is worth knowing that visas can be issued in approximately three weeks, but this can vary based on numerous factors. If you need assistance on the issuance of a visa, please contact our team of lawyers in Slovenia