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Legal Services in Ljubljana

Legal Services in Ljubljana

Invest in Slovenia

Slovenia is a well-developed, service-oriented central European country and foreign investors who choose to open companies here usually invest in Ljubljana, the capital city and largest city in the country. Our attorneys in Slovenia can help you invest in the country and run your Slovenian business.

We offer a wide range of services and our Slovenian lawyers specialize in a number of distinct legal services oriented towards company law, civil law, intellectual property law and even family law. All of our services are highly personalized so that you and you company can benefit from quality legal services.

The first steps for doing business in Slovenia

Any business owner who wants to open a company in Slovenia must choose the appropriate business form. This depends on the business plans, if the entrepreneur wishes to open an individual business or start a partnership and on the amount of available share capital. Our attorneys in Slovenia can help you from this early stage by helping you prepare all the necessary incorporation documents for the company and submitting them to the relevant authorities. During this early stage you can also register a trademark in Slovenia

After the incorporation procedure is complete, our Slovenian law firm can continue to offer you counseling regarding the taxation system in the country and the applicable regulations and obligations for accounting. Should your company be in any financial debt, our Slovenian lawyers can oversee any necessary company liquidation procedures.

Other legal services in Ljubljana

When doing business in Ljubljana it is best to open a local bank account, both for business purposes (this step is mandatory during the business incorporation procedure) and for personal use. If you are interested in buying a house in Slovenia, our lawyers can help you with property due diligence procedures. 

We can offer you legal representation in any litigation case or we can offer you alternative dispute resolution methods, like arbitration. Our attorneys in Slovenia will work closely with you and help you solve any legal matter. Please contact us for more information about the legal services we provide in Ljubljana.