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Competition Law in Slovenia

Competition Law in Slovenia

The Competition Law in Slovenia was modified in 2015, when new amendments were introduced. The new Competition Law (known as the Prevention of Restriction of Competition Act) entered into force on 24th of October 2015 and it had the main purpose of simplifying the procedures related to unfair competition in this country. 

It establishes regulations for numerous aspects concerning unfair competition in Slovenia, such as the types of abuse of dominancerestrictive agreements, the administrative investigation or the enforcement provisionsOur team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer legal assistance on the main aspects deriving from this rule of law applicable to companies operating on the local market. 

Amendments of the Slovenian Competition Law

One of the main changes brought by the Slovenian Competition Act 2015 stipulates that companies may now resolve unfair competition cases only through civil litigation proceedings. The provisions established under the previous legislation, given by the Protection of Competition Act 1993, concerning dumping and subsidized imports, were annulled under the new law. 

The previous regulations concerning the protection against dumping activities have been abolished due to the fact that Slovenia became a member state of the European Union, which imposed a new legal system. Other measures have also been introduced and our team of Slovenian lawyers may provide further advice. 

Restrictive agreements in Slovenia  

The Competition Act regulates the types of restrictive agreements that can create unfair competition amongst companies operating in SloveniaArticle 6 of the law stipulates the main types of agreements that can’t be established between Slovenian businesses, as follows: 

contracts which impose fix purchase or sale prices;

• control matters concerning production, investments or market conditions;

• applying different trading conditions to business partners for transactions of a similar value

The main institution which handles matters concerning competition is the Slovenian Competition Protection Agency

Investors can contact our law firm in Slovenia for more details on this matter. Our attorneys can also advise on the provisions of the law referring to the abuse of dominant position on the local market and can provide assistance in a wide range of litigation cases concerning this subject. 

For more information regulating the Competition lawour law firm remains at your service. You can also contact us for any business matter (starting a business, choosing a legal entity, register for taxes). 

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