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Wealth Management in Slovenia

Wealth Management in Slovenia

Wealth management in Slovenia refers to numerous services which are provided in order to increase the wealth of private individuals or companies. Such services can combine many other fields, such investment advicefinance or accounting services. They can also refer to tax advice or retirement planning. When establishing a wealth management plan in Slovenia, the beneficiary will receive advice from a wealth manager, who will create an investment strategy suitable for the needs of the client, with the purpose of yielding the highest return on investmentOur team of lawyers in Slovenia can assist foreign persons with more details on the regulations related to the wealth management in this country. 

High net worth individuals in Slovenia  

As a general rule, wealth management in Slovenia is addressed to persons who are considered high net worth individuals. Such persons can entrust their personal assets to a wealth manager, who will establish a holistic approach on the investment alternativesthat could better represent the interests of the client. Moreover, the wealth manager is required to act in good faith on the behalf of the respective client. Our team of attorneys in Slovenia can offer in-depth information on the wealth management services available here. 

The wealth manager will handle the personal assets of the client in a way that will provide suitable options for the current and future needs of the client and his or her family. 

It is important to know that the clients can benefit from the services of a single wealth manager, but at the same time they are also allowed to collaborate with a team of wealth management experts

Private wealth management in Slovenia  

Such services are available only for high net worth individuals. They can be established for a short-term or long-term basis. Those who want to secure their assets can benefit from the products created for such purposes by local banks or brokerage companies

Persons who are interested in finding out more information on the wealth management services available here are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia