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Obtain Study Visa for Slovenia

Obtain Study Visa for Slovenia

Foreigners have the possibility of studying in Slovenia, but the immigration procedures that they have to follow will vary based on their nationality. There are few requirements all foreign students must comply with – for example, language requirements. They must make the proof of knowing the English language or the Slovenian language, depending on the language in which the classes they want to participate in are held. 

For some, there is the need to apply for a Slovenia study visa, a document which grants the right of living here for the duration of the classes, and which is issued for study purposes only. As a general rule, this visa is necessary for citizens who arrive from outside the European Union (EU), as EU citizens benefit from the right of free movement of persons, and this also includes the right to enroll in local education institutions

In the case in which you are a foreign student who want to obtain a Slovenia study visa, you can request legal advice from our team of Slovenian lawyers, who can help you in the process of obtaining this document and can facilitate the entire procedure, as they have dealt with this procedure in the past.  

Who needs a Slovenia study visa? 

The visa is necessary for all foreign students who are not EU citizens. At the same time, the Slovenia study visa exemption is applicable to students who arrive from the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Other than this, all foreign students must apply for a visa, which will grant them the right to a residence permit. You can receive more details on this subject from our team of lawyers in Slovenia

What are the procedures for EU, EEA and EFTA students arriving in Slovenia?

Although foreign students who are citizens of these communities do not need a Slovenia study visa, they will need to comply with certain, but limited, immigration procedures. They can easily reside in Slovenia without having a residence permit (this is legally acceptable for stays with a duration of maximum three months). 

In the case in which they will stay in Slovenia for more than 90 days and they know that their stay will be longer than this limit, they will have to register their residence in this country prior to the expiration of those first 90 days, this being the single aspect that students should take care of. If you need further advice, you can rely on our law firm in Slovenia

What are the procedure for third country nationals studying in Slovenia?

Students arriving in Slovenia from third countries will have to apply for a Slovenia study visa; the visa that they will obtain will depend based on the duration of the stay. Our Slovenian lawyers can present the visa options applicable in this case; below, you can find few things that should be of help for this particular case: 

  • foreign students can apply for a Visa C, issued for stays with a duration of maximum 90 days in 180 days period or for the Visa D, issued for stays of minimum 90 days and maximum 1 year;
  • the issuance of the Visa C is bound by the payment of a fee of EUR 80, while the Visa D fee is of EUR 77;
  • students arriving from countries such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, benefit from a reduced fee, of only EUR 35;
  • for the issuance of the Slovenia study visa, the applicant must sign a health insurance with a value of minimum EUR 30,000, in accordance with the EU laws;
  • foreigners will also need to apply for a residence permit, which has a fee of EUR 127 for applications received from overseas, while applications made in Slovenia cost EUR 76. 

If you want to relocate here for the purpose of enrolling in local classes, you can study the information provided by the Study in Slovenia website, but if you need further information concerning this matter or you have any questions, we invite you to send your inquiries to our Slovenian law firm

Important things to know on the issuance of the Slovenia study visa 

When you will start the application procedure, you have to submit the application in person. Then, the fingerprints of the applicant are necessary, just like in the case when a person applies for a passport. The visa application process is done through the competent Slovenian embassy or consulate, and therefore, it is important to verify the requirements applicable in your jurisdiction. 

Please me mindful that the processing of the visa can take up to three months and this is why it is important to start the procedure in due time, so that you can arrive here without any issues and start you study program. For more details, do not hesitate to address to our team of lawyers in Slovenia