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Obtain a Slovenian Passport

Obtain a Slovenian Passport

Slovenian passport can only be obtained by persons who are citizens of this country. A person can have the Slovenian citizenship if the respective person was born on the Slovenian territory or if one of the parents is a Slovenian citizen. At the same time, the right to the Slovenian citizenship can be obtained by foreigners who are not related to Slovenian citizens, but who have lived in this country as permanent residents and wish to apply for the Slovenian citizenship

Our team of Slovenian lawyers can provide in-depth information on how to obtain the citizenship as a foreigner, which also entitles the applicant to the right of having a Slovenian passport. Besides the situations mentioned above, one can obtain the Slovenian citizenship through other legal means and for extensive legal advice on this subject you can rely on the services of our Slovenian law firm

What kind of passport does Slovenia issue?

Slovenia is a member state of the European Union (EU) and this means that the country has to comply with the general directives stipulated by the European Commission. With regards to the issuance of the Slovenian passport, one must know that the local institutions started issuing the biometric passport since August 2006. The biometric passport at the level of the EU is regulated under the Council Regulation (EC) No. 2252/2004. 

Where can one apply for a Slovenian passport?

Slovenian citizens can start the procedure for obtaining a passport in Slovenia with the local authorities, provided that they live on the Slovenian territory. It must be noted that Slovenian citizens who live in other countries on a temporary basis will have to submit an application for the issuance of the passport with the Slovenian authorities operating in Slovenia

In the case of Slovenian citizens who have become permanent residents of other countries, this is no longer required. They can easily address to the consular missions of Slovenia operating in their respective countries, which will start the process of issuing the passport. One can verify the available consular missions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia

The same right is granted to foreigners who have become permanent residents of Slovenia or who are planning to become permanent residents. They can address to their embassies working in Slovenia for the purpose of obtaining a passport. Foreigners who want to become permanent residents here can receive legal representation from our team of lawyers in Slovenia

Regardless of the place in which the person will apply for the passport, the applicant has to be present in person for the purpose of completing the formalities imposed by the law. Also, one should know that different regulations will apply, based on the age of the applicant; you can find out more details concerning this matter from our Slovenian law firm.

How can one apply for a Slovenian passport?

The process of applying for a Slovenian passport is straightforward, when we refer to the types of documents the applicant must submit. In this case, the applicant should provide his or her ID and other documents presenting the fact that the person has the Slovenian citizenship. In the case in which the person needs to renew the passport, the expired passport must also be brought. Besides these, one must also pay the required processing fee. The following apply as well:

  • applications must be signed by applicants with an age above 8 years old;
  • the fingerprints of Slovenian citizens with an age above 12 years old will be taken;
  • in the case of children with an age below 3 years old, the Slovenian authorities will issue a passport with a validity of 3 years;
  • persons with an age between 3 and 18 years old will be granted with a passport that has a validity of 5 years;
  • passports issued for any other category than the ones mentioned here have a validity of 10 years.

It is compulsory to be present in person when applying for a new passport, as the Slovenian authorities will need to take an official photo for the passport, that has to meet specific size standards and biometric standards as well (the size of the face relative to the size of the entire picture, the lighting chosen, the lack of shadows in the picture and numerous others important aspects). Our team of Slovenian lawyers can provide additional information on the law regulating the issuance of local passport

Those who want to apply for a Slovenian passport have to be aware that after the formalities are completed, when the document is issued, the applicant must come in person in the place where the passport procedure was completed and personally pick up the document. Please contact our law firm in Slovenia for more details on this subject.