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Citizenship by Investment in Slovenia

Citizenship by Investment in Slovenia

The process for Slovenia citizenship by investment is not a straightforward one as it can be the case of other European countries. On matters concerning citizenship, the national law supersedes the European laws and this is why each member state of the European Union (EU) is entitled to prescribe its own regulations on how a person can become a citizen

At the moment, the Slovenia immigration by investment is possible, but the main objective of foreign investors would be to simply obtain the right to reside in this country, by applying for a residence permit, which can be granted to foreigners for various reasons, such as the participation in various courses or trainings, for employment, family reunification or for business/investment.  

For more details on this subject, as well as for information on how to start a business here, or how to invest in a specific economic sector and the law regulating the respective industry, you can address to our team of Slovenian lawyers, who are ready to help you in all the legal matters concerning immigration – obtaining a residence permit, applying for a visa, presenting the steps that can lead to citizenship and others. 

What is the most common way for Slovenia business immigration? 

The simplest way to enter the Slovenia business immigration system is to incorporate a legal entity in this country. As a foreigner, you allowed to relocate to Slovenia for the purpose of starting a business. In this case, you can simply prepare a business plan, invest the minimum required capital – which depends based on the type of company you want to register and start your business activity. Our Slovenian lawyers can offer more information.  

As a foreigner from outside the European Union (EU), you will most likely need a visa issued for the purpose of your stay, which, in this case, is business or investments. Then, the residence permit is also necessary, as this document allows you to live in Slovenia

In order to be able to take into consideration the right of becoming a Slovenian citizen, as a foreigner you will first need to become a permanent resident. As a general rule, the indirect route to Slovenia citizenship by investment can be achieved after 10 years of continuous living in this country, as there isn’t a special program for investors that can provide more advantages when we refer to the time necessary for the issuance of the citizenship

The single program that can somehow be advantageous to foreign investors is an investment program that provides the right to permanent residency, in the case in which they invest in this country a certain capital and if they meet certain criteria. Our lawyers in Slovenia will present in the list below some of the highlights of this program.  

Slovenia immigration by investment – obtaining the Slovenian residency 

Foreign businessmen can benefit from an investment program in Slovenia that is designed especially for investment purposes. Although the program does not offer the Slovenia citizenship by investment, it can become a pathway to it. You can find out in the list below some of the main characteristics of this program, presented by our Slovenian law firm

  • the minimum investment necessary for the Slovenia business immigration is of EUR 50,000;
  • the processing of the application can last approximately 3 months;
  • in order to qualify for this program, the foreign investor must have an age of at least 18 years old;
  • in the case in which the investors will maintain their residency for 5 years, they will be entitled to permanent residency;
  • in another 5 years, they will receive the right of becoming Slovenian citizens.

Please notice that if you want to apply for an investment visa in Slovenia in 2024, a major advantage is that you can include your close family members in the application (the term takes into consideration the investor’s spouse and children). This right is not granted for all types of visas, although many visas issued on a long-term basis can prescribe the possibility of relocating with close family members.

Although Slovenia does not prescribe a direct route for citizenship by investment, it must be noted that this is a trend in many European countries, which have renounced the investment visas that provided automatic citizenship to those able to make large investments in local economies. Instead, the permanent residency by investments seems to be the norm, with the possibility of acquiring citizenship following the standard naturalization rules.

Exceptional citizenship in Slovenia in 2024

Although the Citizenship Act in Slovenia does not specify any provisions concerning a faster and simpler way for foreign investors to obtain the Slovenia citizenship by investment by a direct route, the legislation on this matter stipulates that the local authorities are entitled to grant the citizenship following simpler rules, in exceptional cases. 

In Slovenia, there is a government decree which refers to this exact issue, which establishes that the competent Slovenian authority can provide an exemption from the legal procedure in the case in which the citizenship granted to a foreigner is in the benefit of national interest.

In the case of foreign investors, the Ministry of Economy can have the title of competent authorityif this applies, but one must know that there are numerous aspects that should be met by an applicant. You can contact our law firm in Slovenia for more details on this subject.