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Citizenship by Descent in Slovenia

Citizenship by Descent in Slovenia

It is possible to obtain citizenship by descent in Slovenia for individuals who can prove Slovenian ancestry. The process varies depending on factors such as the specific circumstances of the ancestry and also involves providing documentation to prove the familial connection to a Slovenian ancestor. Our Slovenian lawyers will help interested individuals through the citizenship application process, prepare all necessary documentation, and offer support in meeting the eligibility requirements.

Criteria for Slovenian citizenship by descent

Slovenian citizenship by heritage is granted to individuals who can demonstrate a direct ancestral connection to Slovenia.

If you’re born into a family with Slovenian ancestry and both your father and mother are Slovenian citizens, you will automatically acquire Slovenian citizenship by ancestry. Similarly, this applies if you’re born in Slovenia to at least one parent who is a Slovenian citizen. Alternatively, if you’re born abroad to a Slovenian parent, while the other parent’s nationality is unknown or without citizenship, you can also acquire Slovenian citizenship automatically. Our immigration lawyers in Slovenia handle this case as well.

If you don’t meet the criteria for automatic acquisition, but still have Slovenian ancestry, you can apply to acquire citizenship by origin in Slovenia. To do so, you need to demonstrate several factors:

  • You must be over 18 and under 36 years old;
  • You need to prove your Slovenian ethnicity through various means, for parents or grandparents who are the source of your Slovenian heritage. This evidence can extend back to the second generation in direct descent;
  • You must provide proof that you haven’t been sentenced to prison for more than three months or have been on probation for more than a year as a result of criminal offenses;
  • Guarantee that you are not affiliated with a foreign intelligence service;
  • Provide a resume of your personal information;
  • Present proof of your actual citizenship.

Our attorneys in Slovenia can help in assessing whether you meet the eligibility criteria.

Documentation needed for granting citizenship by descent in Slovenia

In order to be granted citizenship by heritage in Slovenia, the following required documentation will be needed to establish your eligibility and ancestral ties:

  • Documents proving your lineage and familial connections, such as birth certificates of parents and grandparents, as well as marriage certificates;
  • A criminal record check from the competent authority of your country of citizenship;
  • Documents attesting your date and place of birth, educational background, employment history, marital status, and current residence details for you and your family members;
  • A valid passport or other relevant documents to confirm your actual citizenship.

Please note that any official documents written in a foreign language must be translated into Slovene by a certified translator unless they are issued in compliance with international conventions. These translated documents are important in the overall process of obtaining citizenship by ancestry in Slovenia.

Statistics about Slovenian immigration

Regarding the subject of citizenship by origin in Slovenia, here are some statistics about the overall immigration trend in the country. The statistics are provided by the Statistical Office in Slovenia for the year 2022:

  • 35,613 people immigrated to Slovenia;
  • Compared to the previous year, immigration increased by 50%;
  • 3,708 Slovenian citizens immigrated to Slovenia, particularly from Austria;
  • Most foreign immigrants came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Kosovo, Serbia, and North Macedonia.

If you need assistance in immigrating to Slovenia, do not hesitate to contact our team for complete services and support.