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Set up a Fintech Company in Slovenia

Set up a Fintech Company in Slovenia

What are the main fintech activities developed in Slovenia? 

The financial technology (fintech) sector in Slovenia is developing at a steady rate, and the companies operating in this industry perform a wide range of activities, including the ones related to a newer economic sector – cryptocurrency and blockchainOur team of Slovenian lawyers can advise businessmen on the up-to-date regulations related to these sectors; however, as a general rule, fintech in Slovenia refers to the following: 

  • digital payments, a sector which includes mobile payments and digital commerce;
  • online crowdfunding – through which companies can raise capital on a crowdfunding platform from various types of investors, who can be natural persons or legal entities;
  • robo-advisors, as well as wealth management services provided in the online environment;
  • marketplace lending, which can offer lending services to both natural persons and legal entities. 

Which are the highlights of the Slovenian fintech sector?  

At the level of 2018, the fintech sector is expected to reach a total value of $1,083 million (measured in terms of transaction value). The annual growth rate of the transaction value recorded for the fintech sector will increase in 2018 by 14.5%. Following this estimate, the total value of the market, at the level of 2022, will reach $1,865 million.  

The Slovenian fintech market is best represented by the digital payments subsector, which will reach $980 million this year. Businessmen who want to start a business in the digital payments sector may receive information regarding the legal requirements imposed in this sense from our team of lawyers in Slovenia

Which are the main regulators of the fintech sector in Slovenia?  

Financial companies operating in Slovenia are regulated by several institutions, which have to ensure that the financial market meets the legislation on the matter. One of the institutions created in this sense is the Securities Market Agency, regulating activity related to any financial instrument, and the Bank of Slovenia

Businessmen who want to operate in this sector should know that another institution than can regulate the activity of financial companies is the Insurance Supervisory Authority and our law firm in Slovenia can provide in-depth assistance on the main rules of law established in this sense.