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Set up a Company in Construction Sector in Slovenia

Set up a Company in Construction Sector in Slovenia

The construction sector in Slovenia is one of the strongest at a European level. In 2016, the construction sector in Slovenia, which is characterized by construction projects such as viaducts, bridges and various types of buildings, increased by 9.1%, compared to the situation of 2015, ranking as the third most important jurisdiction at the level of the European Union (EU). In order to open a company in Slovenia operating in this field of activity, the investors will need a set of business licenses, on which our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer in-depth assistance.

Opening a Slovenian construction company 

Most of the businesses operating in Slovenia are registered as limited liability companies. However, investors can incorporate other types of legal entities, depending on their business strategies. A construction company in Slovenia is registered following the regulations applicable at the level of the EU, meaning that the European businessmen can benefit from the same legal procedures applicable to local entrepreneurs. 

Both foreign legal entities and natural persons are allowed to incorporate a business form in this country. The main difference between the procedures refer to the documentation that must be provided by the applicants. In this senses, we mention that legal entities are required to provide more documents than in the case of a natural person, and our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer legal assistance on this aspect. 

The registration procedure stipulate a set of activities that should be completed, such as: 

• registration for tax purposes;

• establishing a head office;

• opening a corporate bank account;

• appointing directors. 

Construction permits in Slovenia  

When operating in the construction sector, the company’s representatives will have to obtain a set of documents for each construction project they are building. In this sense, it is necessary to follow the regulations applicable under the Spatial Planning Act and the Construction Act

It is necessary to obtain relevant documents from related parties, such as: 

the water provider;

the electricity provider;

the sewage provider.

More details on the subject can be provided by our Slovenian law firm. Please contact our attorneys for advice on the registration of a construction company.