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Selling a Property in Slovenia

Selling a Property in Slovenia

In order to sell a property in Slovenia there are numerous legal aspects which should be taken into consideration. The buyer and the seller will need to conclude a sale/purchase contract and to assume liability for the taxes that must be paid in this situation. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer legal assistance on the conditions that have to be met when selling a property

Real estate in Slovenia  

Slovenia became a member state of the European Union (EU) in 2004 thus, allowing foreigners to purchase properties here following the same regulations available for Slovenian citizens. Of course, the regulation is applicable to foreigners who are citizens of one of the EU’s member states. 

Thus, persons who are interested in selling a property in Slovenia can also do this action with a European citizen. However, non-EU citizens will have to complete different legal conditions when purchasing a property in Slovenia and our team of attorneys in Slovenia can offer more details on the applicable legislation. 

Taxes due when selling a Slovenian property 

The transaction related to the sale of a property in Slovenia incurs a set of taxes. It is important to know that in most of the cases, the buyer is liable to taxation, but there are several taxes that must be paid by the current owner as well. 

The buyer will be required to pay the transfer tax, applicable at a rate of 2% of the value of the transaction. 

According to the provisions of the Property Act, the documents related to the transaction of the property will need to be verified by a public notary in Slovenia. Each party is liable to pay a notary fee, which is established following a progressive taxation scheme

The notary fees in Slovenia vary between EUR 5 – EUR 100, depending on the value of the property

The transfer of ownership must be registered with the Land Registry, where the parties are expected to pay a registration fee representing maximum 0.5% of the property value

Persons who are interested in selling a Slovenian property are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia for legal representation.