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Selling a Company in Slovenia

Selling a Company in Slovenia

Foreign businessmen who want to purchase a company in Slovenia can find numerous opportunities in this sense, as the local market provides companies available for sale. According to the applicable legislation, investors can purchase companies listed for sale which can be newly incorporated or companies which had a previous commercial activity. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer legal assistance on the procedure, as several documents are required for this activity. 

Companies for sale in Slovenia  

One of the most important advantages of a company available for sale on the Slovenian market refers to the fact that the purchase can be completed in just several days, thus allowing the buyer to start his or her commercial activity under the respective company. 

The following video offers a short presentation on the procedure for selling a company in Slovenia:

As a general rule, most of the Slovenian companies available for sale are registered as limited liability companies, due to the fact that most of the investors in Slovenia prefer to incorporate this legal entity.

The limited liability company is chosen for incorporation because it provides a set of advantages for the investors aiming at opening a small or medium-sized company

When selling a company in Slovenia, the seller should make the proof on the fact that the company does not have any hidden liabilities. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer more details on the due diligence procedures which are highly recommended in this case. 

Main aspects of a company available for sale in Slovenia 

When selling a company in Slovenia, the company should incorporate a set of legal aspects. Such businesses should have a bank account opened at a Slovenian bank. At the same time, the legal entity should be registered with the relevant authorities for taxation and value added tax (VAT) purposes.

The company should have a minimum share capital of EUR 7,500, if it is registered as a limited liability company

The selling process is completed by signing a sale/purchase contract and the natural persons buying a ready-made company should provide their ID documents.

Businessmen interested in finding out more information on the procedure that must be completed when selling a Slovenian company can contact our law firm in Slovenia for legal advice.