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Relocate to Slovenia

Relocate to Slovenia

The Slovenian business environment offers many incentives to foreign investors who want to relocate to Slovenia. No taxes on property, the friendly business environment and the taxation system are the main advantages provided by company relocating to Slovenia. Details about the legal aspects of company relocating can be provided by our lawyers in Slovenia.

How to relocate a company to Slovenia

According to the Company Law in Slovenia, there are three legal possibilities to relocate a company. These include the following:

•    Relocating a business through the establishment of a new limited liability company;
•    Starting a subsidiary company in Slovenia;
•    Establishing a branch office.

Irrespective of the type of legal entity you decide to start in Slovenia, there are several steps to undertake in order to relocate to Slovenia. These are:

•    Provide the local authorities in Slovenia with a certificate of non-criminal record – it has to attest that the company`s director was not convicted on the territory of Slovenia;
•    Obtain a tax number in Slovenia – this is usually done by the director of the Slovenian company;
•    Register the company with the Court Register. This step usually takes a few working days to complete and it requires the deposit of the minimum share capital into a bank account;
•    Apply for a work and residence permit – this is applicable if you want to work within the relocated company.

Please note that a residence and work permit can be obtained through company relocation in Slovenia only if an investment is made into the company`s fixed assets for a minimum amount of 50,000 EUR. Real estate, machinery, equipment and vehicles can represent fixed assets. Our attorneys in Slovenia can give you extensive details about the residence permit for the business relocation.  

Advantages of company relocation to Slovenia

Relocating a company to Slovenia entails a series of advantages to be taken into consideration by any businessman. We provide you with a list of these advantages:

•   Obtain a residence permit in Slovenia – this document allows you to lawfully do business in this country and other EU and EEA countries and travel freely on business or personal purpose;
•   Pay no taxes on property – Slovenian companies and individuals do not pay taxes on their properties;
•   Two different rates of VAT – the 22% rate and the 9.5% rate for food, beverages, residential real estate, cleaning services, hairdressing and real estate construction.

If you want to benefit from these advantages and need professional help in relocating your company, don`t hesitate to contact our law firm in Slovenia.