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Open an e-Commerce Business in Slovenia

Open an e-Commerce Business in Slovenia

Opening an e-commerce company in Slovenia can be a very attractive business activity, due to the fact that this sector is steadily rising in this country. Those who want to open a business in Slovenia in the e-commerce sector must know that the industry is estimated to reach $372 million in 2019, while the annual growth rate is estimated at 7.8% for the period of 2019-2023, reaching a total value of $502 million by end of this period. 

Which are the most developed e-commerce sub-sectors in Slovenia? 

When starting a Slovenian business in the e-commerce industry, the investors should first study the most developed sub-sectors. However, it is also necessary to analyze the local legislation in the field, which follows the European Union’s directives on the matter; our team of lawyers in Slovenia can assist businessmen with advice on the applicable law and can provide step-to-step information regarding any incorporation requirements for this industry, which is characterized by the following fields that have the below mentioned estimates for 2019:

  • • food and personal care –  $10 million;
  • • furniture and appliances –  $81 million;
  • • toys, hobby products and do-it-yourself products –  $71 million;
  • • electronics and media products – this represents the most developed e-commerce activity in Slovenia, with a total value of $167 million;
  • • fashion – also a large market segment, with a value of $43 million. 

What types of e-commerce activities are developed in Slovenia? 

Businessmen who are interested in opening a Slovenian company in the e-commerce industry should know that the country provides all types of e-commerce activities and most of them are rather well developed, due to the fact that the internet infrastructure is very solid; also, the Slovenian consumer market has already been familiarized with internet purchases. Some of the most developed e-commerce activities are the following:

  • mobile e-commerce – a sector that has rapidly increased in Slovenia, and a wide range of the Slovenian companies (more exactly, 76% of them) that have already optimized their online presence for mobile devices;
  • domestic e-commerce – the sector is characterized by a wide variety of available products, which are sold at very convenient prices;
  • international e-commerce – Slovenian citizens also purchase online from foreign e-commerce businesses, but most of the purchases are concluded with business entities located in countries members of the European Union (EU);
  • business-to-business e-commerce – this sector is mostly characterized by trading activities in the field of automotive and the main business partners are countries such as Germany or France. 

Is there a rule of law for Slovenian e-commerce companies? 

Yes, Slovenian companies that are present in the online environment for the purpose of selling goods or services are required to follow specific regulations. One of the main rules of law is given by the EU’s Directive – the Directive 2000/31/EC, which provides the standard rules concerning electronic commerce activities developed at the level of the EU. As a member state of the EU, Slovenia also follows this regulation and our team of Slovenian lawyers can provide an in-depth presentation regarding the main obligations deriving from it for such businesses. 

The legislation takes into account a wide range of online activities and it establishes that online companies will follow the legislation in the country in which they have their headquarters. It is also important to know that the legislation prescribes the manner in which an online contract must be concluded between the company and the buyer; this type of contract is legally binding, as it has the equivalent of a paper contract. 

The rule of law also offers the legal framework for the manner in which any online order has to be concluded between the parties; our law firm in Slovenia can provide further information on any other regulations that can be imposed to e-commerce companies registered here. 

When entering this sector, investors should know that most of the e-commerce purchases are completed through desktop devices, this being the most common means of purchase (89% of the online shoppers in Slovenia), while the mobile phone is the second most preferred way to purchase online products or services; the tablet is the third type of device used for this activity. Businessmen are invited to address to our law firm in Slovenia for any other information concerning the registration of an e-commerce company