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Open a Jewelry Company in Slovenia

Open a Jewelry Company in Slovenia

The revenues of the jewelry sector in Slovenia are expected to reach $16 million in 2018 and the growth rate of the sector is estimated at 1.3% (on a year-to-year basis). As a general rule, the jewelry sector in Slovenia is comprised of products such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other similar items. 

A jewelry company in Slovenia can enter several types activities, such as the manufacture of jewelry products (watches included), selling these products on local and international markets or offering repair services. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer legal advice on how to register a jewelry company in this country and can assist investors in obtaining relevant permits that can be requested in this case. 

Developing a small jewelry business in Slovenia as a craftsman 

When carrying a small business that handles the repair of jewelry products and watches, the owner of the company has to register the activity as a craft with the Slovenian Business Register. The business has to be registered with the Chamber of Craft and Small Businesses of Slovenia as well; our team of lawyers in Slovenia can provide more information regarding the registration with these institutions. 

What are the legal requirements for wholesale jewelry businesses in Slovenia?  

Another way to start a jewelry business in Slovenia is by opening a wholesale company, which allows the businessmen to further sale the respective products to other legal entities – sole traders included. The company is allowed to modify the respective products by applying specific processing procedures and treatments, but special requirements have to be met, as presented below: 

  • • the wholesaler has to meet minimum technical and spatial conditions imposed by the Slovenian legislation;
  • • apply regular verifications of the instruments used to measure the quality requirements of the jewelry products;
  • • when purchasing precious jewelry products from a supplier, the latter (or any of its representatives) is obligated to show evidence of compliance with the local standards by submitting documents regarding the metals used with the Metrology Institute;
  • • the products must contain a label presenting the mark of the supplier and the standard of fineness

The standards for manufacturing or selling jewelry products in Slovenia are given by the Precious Metal Products Act, Metrology Act and the Trade Act. In Slovenia, most of the gold products are manufactured by using white and yellow gold with alloys such as silver and copper. Businessmen are invited to address to our law firm in Slovenia for further information regarding the registration of a jewelry company.