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Open a FMCG Company in Slovenia

Open a FMCG Company in Slovenia

The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector in Slovenia is a developed field of activity, more than 11,000 companies providing foods and drinks goods on the local market (at the level of 2016). Companies operating in this sector employ more than 16,000 persons, being a major participant on the local economy and having relevant exports on a yearly basis. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can provide in-depth information on the legal requirements that should be completed by FMCG businesses

Business opportunities on the Slovenian FMCG market 

FMCG company in Slovenia usually provides to the Slovenian consumers goods and products which have a short shelf-life (foodstuffsvegetables and fruitsbeverages and similar goods). Businessmen who want to open a company in Slovenia performing operations in the FMCG sector are advised to study the current trends of the local market. As it is the case of other European markets, Slovenian consumers became more interested in the last years in organic products and goods that have smaller amounts of sugar, salt and fats

As a general rule, FMCG companies sell their products at small prices and they can also provide through their shops other types of goods (furniture, clothing items, toiletries, toys, foodstuff for pets and other products). Our team of Slovenian lawyers can provide further information on this subject. 

Aspects to consider when opening a FMCG business 

The activities of the FMCG company will be performed through a shop located in one of the Slovenian regions. In this sense, the location of the store is very important. When looking for a commercial space, the investors will need to sign specific contracts and it is necessary to perform the due diligence procedures on the respective location

It is also necessary to conduct studies to establish the needs and the characteristics of the local consumer market and whether the company will serve its distribution channels only to end-users or if the business should have a wholesale approach.

More details on the registration of an FMCG business can be provided by our lawyers. Please contact our law firm in Slovenia for legal advice.