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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Slovenia

Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Slovenia

Slovenia is seen as one of the main destinations for cryptocurrency companies, as the government is actively involved in creating a suitable environment for this business sector. Moreover, the local government is interested in educating the Slovenian public on the benefits provided by the activities developed in the field of cryptocurrency. At the same time, the local authorities want to create a legal framework for companies operating in this sector, as well as for those developing blockchain operations. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can advise businessmen on how to set up a cryptocurrency business operating in one of the Slovenian cities

Taxation of cryptocurrency businesses in Slovenia 

Slovenia is interested in becoming a leading jurisdiction at a European level related to the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses. It is importat to know that, up until this moment, Slovenia is one of the European countries that does not impose a tax on capital gains obtained by individuals from cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin included). Our team of Slovenian lawyers can further advise on the taxation system applicable to corporate entities registered in this country. 

At the same time, the capital gains are exempted from taxation in the case of blockchain startups and cryptocurrency investments

Slovenian cryptocurrency environment 

The main targets of the Slovenian government for cryptocurrency related activities are the following:

• becoming a blockchain-friendly nation;

• creating a suitable legal framework;

promoting a supportive environment, that can help the development of cryptocurrency businesses operating in Slovenia.

At the moment, the country does not have a legal framework related to the investment activities concluded through cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings, but it is important to know that governmental institutions, such as the Financial Stability Board in Slovenia, welcome the registration of businesses operating in this new industry. 

Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia for in-depth assistance on the registration procedure available for this type of company.