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Open a Crowdfunding Company in Slovenia

Open a Crowdfunding Company in Slovenia

Slovenia is a suitable destination for starting a crowdfunding company as this sector is steadily developing here. For example, in 2013, when the crowdfunding industry was in its infant years, Slovenian projects that raised money through crowdfunding platforms had a total value of EUR 1 million, which represented a major achievement at the respective time. 

The success of the Slovenian businesses that raised funds from crowdfunding platforms was partly due to the fact that local system is represented by a more simplified administrative process. Another key contributor to the success of the crowdfunding activities was the level of innovation experienced in this country, which is one of the main assets of the local economyOur team of Slovenian lawyers can provide further information on the legislation for foreign investments in this country. 

Why invest in the crowdfunding industry in Slovenia?  

Although the sector is characterized by several challenges, foreign businessmen can easily invest in the crowdfunding industry as it benefits from a wide range of advantages that can help businesses grow in this country. The country provides a set of rules of law that are addressed to this sector, which can be detailed by our team of lawyers in Slovenia, but it is important to know that up until this moment, there is no specific regulatory framework related to crowdfunding; some of the main advantages are given by the following: 

  • • the country benefits from successful campaign examples, carried out in the last years;
  • Slovenia has a high level of innovation, which is sustained through various policies by the local government;
  • • the sector enjoys a high level of profitability and a growing number of creative entrepreneurs;
  • • the country is currently working at improving the legislative framework addressed to crowdfunding businesses

Main regulations for crowdfunding businesses in Slovenia  

Certain business activities developed through crowdfunding companies in Slovenia will required a license issued by the Securities Market Agency, such as financial services and transactions. At the same time, intermediary services related to loan agreements and consumer credit can require a license issued by the Bank of Slovenia

Foreign investors are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia for more details concerning other regulations and obligations that are applicable to crowdfunding businesses in this country. Our team of lawyers may offer legal assistance on the tax implications available in this case.