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Open a Consulting Company in Slovenia

Open a Consulting Company in Slovenia

consulting company in Slovenia can provide its services to numerous other business sectors, depending on the types of activities the company is interested in developing in this country. There are positive aspects regarding the consulting sector in Slovenia, as this industry grew by 4% in 2018, reaching a total value of EUR 280 million. 

Since 2014, the industry kept on growing at a steady rate and in that year, the total value of the market was of EUR 240 million. The largest sub-sectors of the consulting industry are represented by operations and strategy consulting services, which are used for assisting businesses in designing suitable business models that can help them increase their value of a given market. 

Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can assist businessmen with advice on how to register a business in this sector by offering professional advice on the documents requested by the local institutions, obtaining business permits, register for social security and taxation purposes and numerous other legal matters involved in this procedure. 

What are the main types of Slovenian consulting services? 

Businessmen who want to register a company in Slovenia that will provide consulting services should be aware of the most developed consulting sub-sectors. As mentioned by the Association of Management Consulting of Slovenia (AMCOS), the top activities are divided between operations consulting services, which represent 30% of all the consulting services delivered here, and strategy consulting services, accounting for 25% of such services, offering the following: 

  • operations consulting services – they are designed for assisting companies in improving their operations strategies, related to matters such as supply chain logistics, the reorganization of the operations procedures of businesses involved in manufacturing activities and others;
  • strategy consulting services – through such services, companies can benefit from professional advice on how to develop their corporate image, on the strategies that can be applied for entering a business sector or a new market and other similar matters;
  • technology consulting services – they are created to assist businesses operating in the technology sector and this represents the third most important consulting sector in Slovenia;
  • Slovenia also has a developed market for providing sales and management consulting services, as well as those created for finance and risk matters. 

What types of consulting specialists can one hire in Slovenia? 

In order to deliver consulting services of a given nature in Slovenia, the consulting company must hire specialists who are familiarized with a particular area of the business environment. Thus, provided that the company will deliver IT/technology consulting services, it will be necessary to hire an employee with an in-depth knowledge of the sector, who must have the necessary qualification in order to implement IT strategies; as a general rule, the IT consulting specialists works in implementing various systems. 

Another way to start a consulting activity in Slovenia is by providing consulting services in the field of human resources (HR)HR consulting specialists have as a main target implementing a better system that can improve the results of the employees of company. Amongst the most common activities developed by a HR consulting specialists are the following: modification of the organizational structure of the company, change of the management structure, legal advice on the employment legislation and others. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer in-depth information concerning the employment contracts that can be signed when hiring consulting specialists in this country. 

Businessmen opening a company in Slovenia as a consulting business can also hire financial consulting specialists. Such persons can provide financial advice to their corporate clients operating in a wide range of activities and thus, it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge on matters such as the taxation system available for corporate entities, risk management, restructuring, merger and acquisition procedures, accounting and others. 

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, strategy consulting services represent the most developed sub-sector of the industry, an aspect that is also available in other jurisdictions. In order to offer these types of services, a strategy consultant will be necessary and it is important to know that this type of consultant is seen as person with the highest level of expertise amongst all types of consultants. Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia for more information on any other legal matters regarding the registration of a Slovenian consulting company.