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Open a Company in Agriculture in Slovenia

Open a Company in Agriculture in Slovenia

Agriculture in Slovenia can refer to a wide range of business activities. Depending on the company’s operations, the legal entity registered in Slovenia will require obtaining business permits and licenses for import – export activities, hygiene and safety. The top agricultural products in Slovenia in 2016 were represented by milk, livestock, poultry, eggs, fruits and wine. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can assist investors in the procedures related to the registration of a company. 

Register a Slovenian legal entity 

Foreign investors are allowed to set up any type of legal entity provided by the commercial legislation applicable in Slovenia. The regulations referring to the registration of a company in Slovenia are given by the Companies Act. An entrepreneur can also start a business as a sole trader, which represents the simplest form of performing business activities here. 

The registration procedure starts by obtaining a certificate on the company’s trading name, a step which has to be concluded prior to the legal incorporation of the legal entity

All companies in Slovenia are required to appoint a director. However, in the case of a sole trader, the requirement is not applicable. It is also necessary to establish a head office of the company, but also to open a corporate bank account. The procedure is handled at any commercial bank in Slovenia and the investors should deposit the minimum share capital, which can vary depending on the business form chosen for incorporation. 

Our team of attorneys in Slovenia can offer further information on other registration requirements, such as on the compulsory registration for taxation matters. 

Agriculture in Slovenia  

Farming in Slovenia is represented by more than 92,000 private small sized farms. They produce almost 75% of the total agricultural products. The other share of 25% is represented by large companies operating in the field of agriculture

Slovenia is known for the production and trading of cereals, maize, sugar beet and potatoes

We invite businessmen interested in opening a Slovenian agriculture company to contact our law firm in Slovenia for more details on the registration of a legal entity