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Nominee Director in Slovenia

Nominee Director in Slovenia

Even though Slovenia is not categorized as a tax haven like other offshore jurisdictions, foreign entrepreneurs can benefit from several opportunities granted for investments from abroad. Among the multiple facilities for foreign investors, the possibility to appoint a nominee director in Slovenia is important in several circumstances, on one hand because the investor can protect his/her identity and on the other hand because, by appointing a nominee director from Slovenia, you can benefit from the services provided by a person specialized in the field of Slovenian corporate law.

In Slovenia, the term of nominee director does not appoint an individual or legal person with the single role of representing the company on papers, as it is used in other offshore countries. However, it is not unusual to appoint a nominee director in Slovenia.

The mission of a nominee director in Slovenia

A nominee director is used in offshore jurisdiction in order to protect the identity of the real owner of the company. Practically, the nominee director rents his name to a foreign (non-resident) investor for a certain fee.  A nominee director in Slovenia is appointed by signing a power of attorney which gives certain rights and powers to the beneficial owner.  A nominee director in Slovenia can usually sign certain documents issued by the company, but does not have access to the company’s bank account.

The most common types of entities that use a nominee director in Slovenia are banks, lender or major shareholders in a company. An essential rule consists in the fact that a nominee director in Slovenia must be a trustful person as the powers assigned are very important in the company’s activity. The nominee director shall also use the Slovenian law in the company’s advantage and must carry on all the procedures involved in a company life: registration, transformation, liquidation.

The nominee director in Slovenia also have administrative and management tasks, involving holding up a general meeting of the shareholders and  accounting issues, such as company’s books, taxes and financial statements. The nominee director is also in charge for the company’s strategies, business plan, in relation with the public or private entities and in front of the law.

The Slovenian law does not provide a legal framework for appointing a nominee director, as this position is not equivalent to the one from offshore jurisdiction.

By working with our Slovenian lawyers you will benefit from full support and guidance for appointing a nominee director for your business in Slovenia. Please contact us for more information.

Foreigners who want to start a business in Slovenia can contact our team for additional information on other details regarding the management of a company. Please mind that, depending on the nationality of the investor, business immigration to Slovenia may be required. 

This implies that the foreigner must obtain a suitable business/investment visa that can provide various rights.

At the moment, there isn’t any business/investment visa that can provide automatic access to Slovenian citizenship, as it can be the case of few European countries. 

Based on the capital invested, the foreign businessmen will have the right to relocate here with close family members, benefit from a speedy visa processing and be entitled to a residency permit issued initially on a temporary basis. 

Then, the residency in Slovenia can be turned into a permanent residence permit, as long as the investor maintains the criteria imposed by the visa (in some cases, it is necessary to employ at least 1 employee, to reach a certain income threshold of EUR 10,000 in 6 months, invest EUR 50,000 in fixed assets for the business, these being just few basic requirements).