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GDPR Legislation in Slovenia

GDPR Legislation in Slovenia

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became applicable at the level of the European Union (EU) starting with 25th of May 2018. However, several EU member states were not able to impose the new legislation under their national legal frameworks in due time, as it is the case of SloveniaOur team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer in-depth advice on the current situation of the legislation

At the moment, the Slovenian authorities are modifying the provisions of the Slovenian Data Protection Act (ZVOP-2) to ensure the implementation of the EU’s GDPR law. Under the regulations of the ZVOP-2 Act, the supervisory institution that will handle the implementation of the new law is the Information Commissioner, the body that will represent the country in front of the European Data Protection Board.  

How is personal data seen under the GDPR law in Slovenia? 

One of the main concerns of the GDRP law refers to personal data and the collection of such information performed by companies and organizations operating in this country. Personal data refers to any type of information regarding the identity of a person and it also includes online information, such as the IP address; our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer further information on this matter. Under the new rule of law, personal data is defined as follows: 

  • it only refers to data collection obtained from natural persons, but certain categories of businesses can fall in this situation too;
  • • under the new regulations, the information provided by Slovenian sole traders or partnerships could be seen as personal data;
  • • ithas to be collected following six general data quality principles;
  • • the information must be collected following specific conditions – such as the consent given by a natural person or user

When will ZVOP-2 become applicable in Slovenia?  

The data protection law in Slovenia, given by the ZVOP-2 Act, will become applicable after September 2018, when the document is expected to be published. For the moment, the local authorities are still tackling various regulations on the collection of data of certain categories of persons. Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia for more details concerning the manner in which local businesses will be affected by the new GDRP law.