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Fiduciary Services in Slovenia

Fiduciary Services in Slovenia

Fiduciary services in Slovenia refer to the set of activities carried out by a natural person or a specialized company, which are handled in the best interest of a client. Fiduciary services must be carried out in an ethical manner and very often they refer to the administration of various assets belonging to the client, with the purpose of increasing their value. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can provide more details on the fiduciary services available here. 

Slovenian fiduciary services – main types 

It is important to know that the range of fiduciary services provided in Slovenia is rather large, as there are numerous types of relations established in this sense, as presented below:

• board of a company and the company’s shareholders;

investment companies and investors – both local and foreign;

• executors and legatees. 

At the same time, individuals or legal entities in Slovenia should know that the relations established between attorneys and their clients also enter this category, as the Slovenian lawyers are also bound to represent the best interest of their clients, regardless of the legal aspect they are interested in. 

Main aspect regarding Slovenian fiduciary services  

Those who are interested in investing in Slovenia by opening a company or a trust should know that the relations established through the latter mentioned also fall under the category of fiduciary

In a trust, a natural person will provide his/her financial assets to be managed by a person or another company with expertise in this domain. The relations are established between a trustee and a beneficiary, in which the beneficiary is represented by the person who has entrusted his/her assets for proper management. 

As a general rule, regardless of the domain in which the fiduciary provides his/her services, the respective person should comprise the following set of qualities:


• the capacity to provide full disclosure on the situation on the respective assets;

due diligence

Persons interested in receiving further information on the fiduciary services provided by our attorneys in Slovenia may contact our Slovenian law firm for assistance.