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Establish a Catering Company in Slovenia

Establish a Catering Company in Slovenia

The catering sector in Slovenia is included in the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe) industry, which is an important economic activity in this country. The HORECA sector in Slovenia employs 3.8% of the total Slovenian workforce. The total number of employees hired in the HORECA sector has gradually increased; if in 2000, the sector employed approximated 29,000 persons, ten years later, in 2010, the number of employees was above 33,000 persons. 

In the last years, the value of the expenditure registered in the catering industry increased at a steady pace. In 2013, the total expenditure was estimated at EUR 1,079.9 million, while in 2015, it increased to EUR 1,109 millionOur team of lawyers in Slovenia can provide legal advice on the main legal requirements that have to be met when starting a catering business in this country. 

How to register a catering company as foreigner in Slovenia  

catering company in Slovenia will deliver food and beverage products to its customers. Thus, it will be necessary to obtain relevant business permits and licenses that will allow the development of this type of activity. In the case of foreign businessmen, special requirements will have to be met, as follows: 

  • • it may be required to obtain a work permit as well as a residence permit;
  • • following the registration of the company, it will be compulsory to invest a value of EUR 50,000 in fixed assets, in a period of six months since the company was incorporated;
  • • it is also necessary to hire at least one employee in the first six months since the incorporation of the business;
  • • the company will need to have a turnover of EUR 10,000 on a monthly basis for at least six months. 

What types of permits does a Slovenian catering business need? 

A Slovenian company that will operate as a catering unit will need to obtain specific licenses. For example, if the catering business is located in a fixed establishment, the investors will need to obtain a business permit that will attest that the premises respects the legislation on safety and health requirements and our team of Slovenian lawyers can provide legal assistance on this matter. 

Furthermore, the working hours in which the catering unit will be opened have to be respected, as agreed with the local authorities where the company develops its activities. If the catering unit will sell alcoholic beverages, it must respect the Slovenian regulations available in this case and businessmen may contact our law firm in Slovenia for in-depth information regarding this issue, as well as for legal representation during the incorporation of the company