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Create an IT Company in Slovenia

Create an IT Company in Slovenia

The IT sector is very important for the Slovenian economy, for both internal activities as well as for export matters. At the level of 2015, there were more than 3,100 companies operating in this field, obtaining revenues valued at EUR 3,4 billion. In order to open a company in Slovenia in the IT sector, investors will need to obtain specific business licenses, in accordance with the sub-sector in which the legal entity will operate. Our team of Slovenian lawyers may provide professional advice on the registration requirements available for IT businesses and can advise in numerous legal aspects related to this industry. 

IT sector in Slovenia  

The IT sector in Slovenia employs more than 20,000 persons and develops significant export activities. As mentioned above, the revenues of the IT companies were situated at EUR 3,4 billion, while the revenues obtained from exports had a total value of EUR 1,1 billion

The workforce employed in the IT sector has a high level of knowledge in the field, and the Slovenian education system provides various programs to enhance the capabilities of students interested in computer science. Moreover, the country offers tertiary education programs for ICT studies, in which more than 4,000 students are enrolled (in educational centres such as Ljubljana or Maribor). 

It is also important to know that the total number of persons employed in the IT sector increased in 2015 by 4,9%, compared to the situation of the previous year.  

Investors who want to set up a company in Slovenia in this sector should know that the top services and products deriving from this market are represented by the following:

telecommunication equipment;

telecommunication services;

IT services;



distribution of specific equipment;

internet services

Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer assistance on the specific business permits and other compulsory requirements available for the above mentioned fields of activity.

Top IT exports in Slovenia  

Those who want to enter the export activities through a company located in Slovenia can address to the following markets, which are customarily the top countries for exporting IT products or services:

• Australia;

• Austria;

• Belarus;

• Bosnia and Herzegovina;

• Croatia;

• Cyprus;

• Finland; 

• France;

• Germany; 

• Ireland. 

Investors are invited to find out further information related to the registration of a Slovenian IT company from our law firm in SloveniaOur attorneys can represent foreign businessmen in a wide range of legal matters.