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Civil Law in Slovenia

General Aspects regarding the Civil Law in Slovenia

The civil law in Slovenia deals with the areas of private law with respect to commercial and personal disputes. The main legal sources for Slovenian civil and commercial laws are the Private International Law and the Procedure Act.

Our lawyers in Slovenia can offer you advice on commercial legal matters.

When disputes cannot be settled by laws or international treaties that Slovenia has acceded to, a Slovenian Court will have jurisdiction in cases where the Civil Procedure Act can dictate a ruling.

The Civil Law in Slovenia is represented through::

  • -The Civil Procedure Act
  • -the Civil Partnership Registration Act
  • -the Provision of Foster Care Act

The Civil Procedure Act in Slovenia

The Slovenian Civil Procedure Act decides on the rules that define the decisions made by Civil Courts in cases of personal and family relationships, but also in cases of legal persons and even Slovenian property rulings, unless the dispute cannot be judged by another court specialized in dealing with that type of situation.

The Civil Procedure Act enables Slovenian local courts and Slovenian district courts to decide on the ruling depending on their type.

Local courts in Slovenia are usually enabled to rule in cases of property lawsuits in which the value of the property does not exceed 2.000.000 Tolars, lawsuits for property possession, real estate encumbrances and lease relations.

 District courts in Slovenia will rule on property lawsuits exceeding the 2.000.000 Tolars amount. The district courts will also rule on any Slovenian martial disputes, in lawsuits for copyright use, in commercial lawsuits and bankruptcy procedures.

The higher court that the Slovenian Civil Procedure Act mentions is the Supreme Court that will handle all emerging problems and appeals a local or a district court could not resolve.

The Civil Partnership Registration Act in Slovenia

The Civil Partnership Registration Act is enabled to conduct proceedings and impose conditions regarding the registration of same-sex civil partnerships, the relation between same-sex partners and also on the termination of such relationships.

The Provision of Foster Care Act in Slovenia

The Provision of Foster Care Act sets the rules for people who want to take into foster care children. The Slovenian Foster Care Act specifies the condition a person must fulfill and the procedures to be followed when providing foster care and funding issues.

A person wanting to take one or more children into care must be a Slovenian resident, must be of legal age and is required to have a technical or vocational education.

If you need details about the provisions of Civil Law, our Slovenian law firm can provide you with the required information.

We also invite you to contact our law firm in Slovenia if you need legal assistance in other matters. Our team can help you with advice and legal representation in marriage or divorce proceedings, buying a property as foreigner, inherit various assets, etc. 

You can also contact us if you need advice on immigration in Slovenia – depending on the country of arrival, you may need to apply for a visa. 

If you plan to relocate here on a long-term basis, please know that you can also be entitled to Slovenian citizenship, as long as you initiate the procedure if you qualify under one of the few legal pathways that grant this right. 

Persons who qualify for citizenship by naturalization can start the procedure by addressing to one of the Administrative Units of Slovenia

The naturalization procedure refers to the legal pathway through which a person who obtained permanent residency in Slovenia starts the citizenship proceedings.

Naturalization can apply only to those who are permanent residents and who have lived here for a period of 10 years (out of which, 5 were through permanent residency). Slovenia also allows dual citizenship.