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Buying a Company in Slovenia

Buying a Company in Slovenia

Foreign investors who want to start a business in Slovenia can open a company here, following the registration procedures available for commercial companies. At the same time, investors should know that they can start their business operations faster, by purchasing a ready-made company. It is also referred to as a shelf company and it designates a legal entity that has already been incorporated following all the legal requirements. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer legal assistance during the purchase procedure, which can be completed in just several days. 

Purchase a limited liability company in Slovenia  

Shelf companies can be registered under one of the legal entities prescribed by the commercial legislation applicable in Slovenia. However, most of the businessmen in Slovenia prefer to incorporate a limited liability company, the most popular business form available here.

The following video offers a short presentation on the procedures for buying a company in Slovenia:

The limited liability company (LLC) available for purchase in Slovenia already provides most of the legal aspects that must be completed during the incorporation. For example, it benefits from a corporate bank account in which the company’s share capital was deposited. 

Since the company will perform commercial activities which are taxable in most of the cases, the company will have a value added tax (VAT) number

In order to purchase an LLC, the investors will need to transfer the company’s ownership through a sale contract, which must contain specific provisions related to the respective transaction and our team of attorneys in Slovenia can offer more details in this sense. 

Purchase procedure in Slovenia  

The transfer of ownership will be performed in front of a public notary in Slovenia. In this context, the company’s seller will need to offer proof on the following facts: 

• the company has no debt;

• the company’s balance sheet is closed at zero. 

During the procedure, the company’s previous data will be modified to include information on the new shareholders, directors or company’s secretary. 

The investors will be able to establish a new trading name for the company, but also to change the company’s objects of activity

In order to purchase a company in Slovenia, the businessmen will have to provide an ID card or passport (if they are considered natural persons). 

Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia for more information related to the purchase of a company