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Business Consulting in Slovenia

Business Consulting in Slovenia

Our lawyers in Slovenia offer a wide range of business consultancy services for foreign investors looking to start a company or expanding their business in the country.  The purpose of consultancy services is to ease the customer’s perspectives in terms of company incorporation in Slovenia. Apart from our legal consultants, a well-prepared accounting staff is ready to provide assistance in accounting related matters.

Consulting services in Slovenia

Our law firm in Slovenia can provide consultancy related to the following matters:

  • –        legal;
  • –        taxation;
  • –        company incorporation;
  • –        labor;
  • –        banking;
  • –        intellectual property;
  • –        real estate.

Corporate consulting services in Slovenia

Our business consultants are ready to help clients with the incorporation of the following types of Slovenian companies: limited and unlimited liability companies, joint stock companies, proprietorships and partnerships. Foreign companies wanting to open subsidiaries or branch offices in Slovenia will be also offered the support they need.  Our Slovenian consultants can also provide you details about the legislation of companies like shareholding structure, the required start-up capital, the documentation that must be submitted with the Slovenian Trade Register.

Legal consulting services in Slovenia

Additionally to the corporate consultancy, our lawyers in Slovenia can provide you legal assistance in civil matters such as:

  • –          employment disputes;
  • –          marriage registration or dissolution settlements;
  • –          debt recovery proceedings;
  • –          obtaining residency and work permits in Slovenia.

Financial consulting services in Slovenia

Our accountants in Slovenia can provide you all the details about the country’s financial system. Our financial consulting services consist of tax registration for companies in Slovenia and corporate taxation. Additionally, our accounting consultants can provide you details about the VAT rates in Slovenia, the double taxation agreements Slovenia has with other countries so clients will always know the tax deductions they can apply for and the trading regulations of the country.

Real estate consulting services in Slovenia

Like in any other country, owning real estate in Slovenia can prove to be a wise choice for investment and our business consultants will provide you will all the details regarding the real estate market. Our lawyers in Slovenia can help you choose the right property, draft the documents needed to conclude the property purchase process and can help you with the property registration at the Slovenian Land Register.

You can contact our Slovenian law firm for business solutions tailored to your requests.