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Banking Litigation in Slovenia

Banking Litigation in Slovenia

Litigation refers to the legal method through which two parties will handle a dispute arising on various grounds. Litigation can arise between two parties represented by natural persons, legal entities and other institutions. Banking litigation can occur between similar entities or between the banking institution and natural persons, who are involved in a dispute related to various legal grounds based on the contract signed by the parties. The legal dispute can arise when one or both of the parties did not respect certain provisions of the contract they have signed and our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer legal representation in front of a court. 

Litigation for banking activities in Slovenia 

When starting a litigation case in Slovenia which is related to banking activities, it is important to know that the matter can refer to numerous aspects, such as:

• debt matters;

• debt restructuring;

• equity capital;

• legal matters concerning the creditors;

• equity investment. 

Cross-border litigation in Slovenia  

Litigation can be performed even in the cases in which the parties are not tax-residents of the same country. There are special rules of law which stipulate the manner in which cross-border litigation can be performed. 

As a general rule, it is important to know that the Slovenian courts will be competent in the respective case as long as the defendant is a legal entity or natural person who has permanent residency in Slovenia

Also, according to the Slovenian legislation, in the case in which there are more defendants and only one of them is a Slovenian citizen, the local courts will be able to handle the case as long as there is specific relation between the defendants or in the situation in which the claim is based on the same legal ground and our team of attorneys in Slovenia can offer more details. 

Banking litigation could refer to a wide set of legal grounds, as mentioned above, as well as on other related aspects, for example tax litigation or disputes arising amongst the shareholders of the respective company. 

Please contact our Slovenian law firm for more details on the procedures referring to banking litigation.